Adolescent Inpatient Treatment

The Fairfax Behavioral Health Adolescent Program provides a place for teens to address mental health and substance abuse difficulties in a safe setting under the care of a comprehensive treatment team. Specifically addressing:

  • Poor school performance or truancy
  • Running away or other self-harmful behavior
  • Abuse of drugs or alcohol
  • Emotional explosiveness, impulsivity or aggression
  • Disruptive or oppositional defiant behavior
  • Withdrawal or isolation from peers
  • Suicidal thoughts or threats

Included in their care is a psychiatric evaluation and medication recommendations, prescription and monitoring, psychosocial evaluation and clinical therapy services, as well as any indicated services such as chemical dependency evaluation and psychological testing. Engaging the teen’s family is an integral part of the treatment focus. The treatment team will also reach out to all community partners involved in the teen’s care including outpatient therapists and doctors, school teams and other agencies if indicated.


Each day is comprised of multiple group therapies designed to help identify treatment issues and then develop or enhance coping strategies. In addition to group psychotherapy, psycho-education groups and goals groups, the teens also experience many other forms of therapeutic intervention and support including yoga, drama, music appreciation, art and recreation therapies.