Partial Hospitalization Program

The Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) at Fairfax Behavioral Health offers outpatient treatment for adolescents (13-17) and a separate adult outpatient program for individuals (18+).

PHP is designed to help achieve stabilization from acute psychiatric symptoms and improve functioning. The program can help prevent inpatient hospitalization for those whose symptoms are becoming more severe and cannot be effectively stabilized in a less intensive outpatient setting as well as, serve as a step down or transition for those discharging from inpatient hospitalization.

Fairfax PHP utilizes a group-oriented program, completed by most in 5-10 days. Treatment is individualized to best meet each participant’s needs, including Co-occurring Disorders (mental illness and substance abuse or dependence). The daily schedule includes focus on Psycho-education, Inter-personal techniques, Skill-building, Emotion Regulation and Mindfulness. A holistic approach incorporates five dimensions – Emotional, Social, Biological, Cognition, and Activation.


PHP Admission Criteria

  • Presence of acute symptoms related to major psychiatric disorders (mood, bipolar, or anxiety)
  • Symptoms interfere with ability to function at work, school or in normal daily routine
  • Stabilization cannot be easily accomplished with less intensive outpatient treatment
  • Risk of hospitalization without more structured and intensive treatment
  • Receptive to group-oriented treatment approach

Program Staff: The primary staff for Fairfax PHP includes Master’s-level licensed Mental Health Professionals, a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner (ARNP), Psychiatrist and Registered Nurse, each with expertise in individual counseling and group facilitation. Participants may continue seeing their regular outpatient providers while involved in the Partial Hospitalization Program with Fairfax Behavioral Health.

Monday through Friday  –  8:30am to 2:00pm