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Fairfax Hospital Annexed into Kirkland

Posted: June 1, 2011 - 1:00 AM

It’s official! Fairfax Hospital is now part of the City of Kirkland. Since 1938 when Fairfax moved its hospital from Seattle, the Kirkland city border remained close, but just out of reach, literally across the street from our location on 132nd Street. On June 1st Fairfax joined 200 other businesses and 30,000 new residents to become part of the City, as the long awaited Annexation became official. 

In preparation for the change from County service providers to Kirkland Police and City services, Fairfax has worked closely with the City to prepare for a smooth transition. Tours for Police and Fire personnel and training sessions for the Kirkland Police Department paved the way for this new partnership. Since the hospital opened its doors in Seattle in 1930 the vision of Fairfax has been to be the premier regional provider of innovative, compassionate behavioral health services, which enhance the health of our community. And now Fairfax is truly a part of the Kirkland community!

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