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Doctoral Internship

The doctoral internship experience offered by Fairfax Hospital is based upon the supposition that the training for becoming a clinical psychologist is best accomplished by a “hands-on” approach in which training is integrated with ongoing service to the community. It is designed to provide supervised experience in individual and group psychotherapy consultation.

The goal of this internship is to assure the breadth and depth of acquisition of clinical skills as well as to help assist in the transition from a “student-in-training” to an entry level professional psychologist. Internship training will focus on refining clinical skills by interacting with diverse patient populations. Intern direct service hours will be primarily involved in providing group and individual psychotherapy, psychological assessment, and groups providing psychoeducational materials. Other clinical experiences will include weekly pharmacology education, treatment planning, and consultation.

The purpose of the doctoral internship is to provide intensive experience in and supervision of the various activities practiced by professional psychologists. Interns are encouraged to gain a broad exposure to the variety of professional activities and service delivery systems that exist in an acute hospital setting. The expectation is that graduate interns will profit from the experience in terms of both their professional and personal growth.

Objectives of the Internship Training Program:

  • To provide a high quality training experience for individuals who have progressed through doctoral studies in the field of psychology
  • To provide interns with regular intensive supervision in those activities carried out by professional psychologists and psychiatrists
  • To provide interns with opportunities for the refinement of the basic skills necessary to practice as a professional psychologist and to expose interns to related areas of practice
  • To provide a training experience that is flexible enough to allow individuals to meet their personal and professional needs

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